Talent is everywhere

Hello World is a non-profit out to notice, develop, and connect the world’s young talent. For free.

Today’s measures of talent too often favor those with wealth, access, and networks.
We’re changing that.

With our founding partners...
How you think
Show your unique perspective and strengths with quick video challenges designed by experts. Because grades and test scores can’t tell your story as well as you can.
Learn together
No more sealed envelopes. On Hello World you give and receive peer feedback, connecting you with new perspectives and leveling up the community.
Opportunity knocks
We’re partnering with prestigious and life-changing opportunities like Rise, a global program for talented youth.

Loved by teens around the world

 “The fact that we get to give one another feedback is so incredible. I love how specific the questions were, they helped me self reflect. This was such an incredible experience for me!”
“Hello World provides many opportunities for different kinds of people. The app all in all was amazing! ❤️”
“Hello World is a non-profit organization that helps students all over the world express themselves. I am really grateful for your effort and support!”

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