We think the linchpin to unlocking more human potential in the world is to shift the way teens are evaluated.

Grades and test scores only tell part of the story

Selection techniques developed during the industrial age aren’t surfacing all of the talent needed in an innovation era.

We provide more ways for youth to present their potential and academic promise so that new types of skills get discovered.

Too much talent gets overlooked today

No matter how much selection systems for jobs and educational opportunities have tried to improve, the privileged and networked still have better odds of getting chosen.  

We specialize in working with youth from all corners of the world, in all socioeconomic brackets so that more diverse talent gets discovered and backed.

The best way to discover talent is to develop it

Most applications provide no insights to help people improve.

We design applications that help people to grow and develop so participants emerge 10x more prepared for their next opportunity.

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